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Shan, simply put

Shan, simply put

Since her early childhood, Shan Bernier has been drawn to horses. At the age of five, she started to ride. Shan is a member of L'Amazone team located in Sainte-Melanie, Lanaudiere region.

She participates in a sport-study program that allows her to train every afternoon totaling an average of fifteen hours per week. Her coach, Johanne Freyd, is her accomplice since the very beginning and has developed the skills of a talented rider. Without her teaching and support, Shan would not be the rider she is today.

Shan always had the desire to jump higher and higher. The discipline of jumper sticks to her skin. Despite her young age, she had several horses that she trained herself for the most part. She had the opportunity to ride Arabian horses and English Thoroughbreds as well as Trackner, Hanoverian and Dutch (KWPN).


« "For a long time, I called Shan my "mini-bionic" rider. I believe that riders who choose Jumping, choose to face life with conviction, without fear and especially with faith in their ability. In addition, it takes unremitting efforts! - Johanne (coach)

Fun Facts


Left or Right ?

The big challenge was to make Shan understand the difference between right and left. At 6 years old it is not obvious.


Magnetic Board

During the first competitions, her father taught her the courses layouts using a magnetic board. 


Apologies to her horse

As she is always in perpetual adjustments, when she makes a mistake, she apologizes to her horse.



Believe it or not, Shan trains in winter in an outdoor carousel without a roof. In good or bad weather conditions, ... with or without snow.


She started at the age of 5, therefore  she moved from the car seat to the saddle. Since she was a very small girl, during the first year of competition, people thought she was tied on her saddle.


Some say that smiling is her trademark; she smiles constantly and focuses on what she has to do.


"What are we doing today? We are here to have fun. No matter the result, have fun." - Michel (father)

Higher and Higher

A passion Since the Beginning

Shan was so young when she discovered horses that she did not have time to realize what was really happening. "When I was young, I always wanted to see the horses. When I rode a horse for the first time, it changed my life. I have been training since then and I am part of a sport-study program that allows me to ride every day."

Perseverance and Determination 

During her teenage years she went through difficult times losing 3 horses in a very short period of time. This situation forced her to ride several horses, which was beneficial for her development. Her determination is measured by each challenge. At the Bromont International, she was sick: "I am not getting off my horse, I want to complete my course." Once the course completed, she got sick in the back of the stable and the flu lasted two days .

One day at a time

She is the type of rider who does not ask herself too many questions and remains calm. She trains with the advice of her partner and coach, Johanne Freyd. "When I walk the course, if I find a jump too high, I don't look at it too much....but I know that I will clear it with my horse when we get there."

In Shan's Mind

Today, she is fully conscious of the opportunities that she has. She feeds on it and promises to do whatever is necessary to achieve her goals. "I feel at home and happy when I'm riding. I can't imagine my life without horses." Shan dreams of participating in the largest competitions around the world and representing her country at the Olympic Games would be the ultimate achievement.